back to pin profit pro5 reasons to use Pinterest for marketing your business.

Are you struggling to get vital customers and sales for your business?

The solution is highly targeted marketing, which just means bringing your products and services to the attention of the people who are actually looking for them.  If you can also have fun and be creative at the same time, then marketing becomes less of a chore and far more effective.

So how can Pinterest help you market your business in a fun way?

1.Pinterest content is wildly popular with users because of the visual way of collecting information (putting pictures onto virtual ‘pin’ boards), which feels attractive and natural to the human brain.   The site is already growing faster than any other social media website in history and also has the ‘sticky’  factor, – users spend more time on the Pinterest than on Twitter, & Linkedin , and almost as much time as Facebook.

2.Pinterest refers massive amounts of traffic to websites.  ‘Shareaholic’ states that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn  and YouTube combined!

3. Pinterest users are buyers.  Unlike users of other social media sites (who log in to be ‘social’ and don’t like to be sold to) customers go to Pinterest to research and ‘collect’ things they want to buy.  Users actually *tell* businesses which products and services they are interested in, which means they are more valuable than mere ‘followers’ or ‘fans’.

4. Pinterest doesn’t have to be time-consuming.   In fact, used properly Pinterest can an amazing tool for gaining targeted leads, interested customers and committed buyers, and there are tools and short-cuts to reduce the time you need to spend on the actual site, giving you more of a return on the time invested.

5. Pinterest is perfect for building a brand, whether an individual ‘solo-preneur’ crafting items at the kitchen table or a large corporation, and everything in between.   In keeping with other social media platforms blatant ‘self-promotion’ is frowned upon, and there is a right and a wrong way to go about marketing on Pinterest – but if you are ‘listening’ to your followers and other users, and give them valuable information, it is possible to gain an amazing amount of data to enable you to match your products and services with the very people who want to buy them. Businesses with the right strategies are having some amazing success on this fun, and very exciting new platform.

Why not jump on board and see if Pinterest is a good fit for your business?