Pinterest has changed its appearance. The visual social media site will shortly be rolling out it’s ‘new look’ to the public (having tested it over the past few months, using a number of invited testers). Have you tried it yet?

I have been using the new layout for a while, and I believe there are pro’s and con’s.

Visually, I like the larger pin size but preferred the definition of the old-style pins surrounded with white rather than grey. Also the new style highlights the many different pin sizes, giving it less of a cohesive look.

The new layout is a work in progress and Pinterest seems to have some exciting ideas for the future. Hopefully they will keep the better features from the ‘old’ layout and combine them with their new ideas which will increase functionality for businesses.

Here are the main things I have noticed which will benefit business users:

1.Re-pinning Revealed

The name of the person who has repinned a pin is slightly more difficult to see now, but being able to see the board they have pinned onto represented visually with a ‘thumbnail’ is great for businesses.

We can easily tell how re-pinners are categorising our content and why it is important to them. They may have thought of a different use for our product or service from that which we originally intended. That’s great feedback for our business – without having to spend a dime on formal ‘market research’!

2. ‘Recommended For You…’ feature

I love the feature which shows you ‘at a glance’ the other pins on the board once you click through the pin. The ‘People who pinned this also pinned…’ feature is a very neat idea too… (very ‘Amazon’!). This makes it easier for users to discover other pins similar to the ones they are viewing, and brings more of your content to their attention.

3. Finding your website more easily

Having a ‘website’ button on the pin once clicked through, (to take users through to the originating website) is a great idea. It avoids visitors having to use their imagination to figure out how to find the website, if they are not familiar with having to click through on the pin and then click through again to arrive at the website. This makes it much simpler for visitors to find your website which, after all, is the whole point of using Pinterest for marketing your business.

4. Extending your reach

The ‘share’ button is more prominent (ie better) on the top of the individual pin rather than tucked away on the right-hand side as it previously was. This makes it much easier for users to share your content with their followers and send it ‘viral’.

But don’t let me influence your opinion, try it for yourself.

Pinterest is becoming more intriguing and interesting by the week. Unlike other social media platforms they seem to be very ‘business’ focused, actively encouraging businesses to use the site for marketing rather than forbidding it.

This can only be a good thing for businesses who are intent on using creative methods to increase leads and customers to their websites.
If you would like to learn how to start using this very important social media site for marketing your business, or to learn more about the ‘new look’ Pinterest, you can find out more free information here Pin Profit Pro.

To your creative success!
Ann 🙂