Calling all U.K. creative businesses – Pinterest wants YOU!

In early May 2013 the visual social media site Pinterest launched its new initiative to entice U.K. users to the platform in their droves.

Pinterest originated in the U.S.A. and there was no official ‘launch’ in Europe, but even so a steady stream of non-American users have been quietly coming on board from around the globe over the past 3 years.

However the majority of the current 40 million users are still U.S. based and Pinterest aims to change all that by targeting regions outside the U.S. beginning with a ‘pin it forward’ initiative aimed at the U.K.


Pinterest already allows prices to be placed on pins in pounds sterling without any problem and also supports pin descriptions and account titles in foreign languages. But from now on the plan is to highlight U.K. content to U.K. users when they log into their account, and also add a ‘British English’ language setting to give a more familiar feel to Brits.

My personal view from day to day usage is that the site is not overtly ‘American’ anyway, and because the main ‘currency’ of the site is visual rather than textual, with photos being pinned from around the world, the U.S. vocabulary is not really apparent except perhaps in the ‘help’ pages which by nature need to be text based.

However, it is nice of Pinterest to try to officially welcome us Brits in such a warm and fuzzy manner!

There has been some confusion for years as to whether Pinterest supports hashtags on the platform itself, but Pinterest has certainly got on board now by initiating the #PinItForwardUK hashtag for the U.K. launch.

300 U.K. bloggers have been invited to spread the word over the next 30 days to U.K. users.

Regular readers will know that I have been a ‘Pintevangelist’ for more than a year now, having written guest blogs for some of the U.K.’s premier start-up business websites, and this latest development from the ever forward-thinking Pinterest is very welcome indeed.

Future plans for ‘localization’ of Pinterest include the rest of Europe, with France apparently next on the list after the U.K. according to a Pinterest spokesperson.

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Happy Pinning!